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…Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Buoyed by the party’s strong showing in the first phase of the panchayat elections, the Ministers held the view that they can repeat the performance if the State remained united. Some of them were aggrieved that Seemandhra leaders had not done enough to convince the high command against deciding in favour of separate Telangana.

In particular, they faulted Union Ministers and MPs, who failed to air their reservations against division of the State, in contrast to their counterparts from Telangana who strongly rooted for a separate State.

They put the onus on the Union Ministers and MPs from the region to convince AICC leaders that division of the State would be ‘suicidal’ for the party.

The Ministers were unhappy with the statements of some senior leaders that they would abide by whatever decision the high command took on the statehood issue.

“Let us all be united in our stand against bifurcation. Why should we air contradictory views on the issue when there are strong signals that Telangana could be carved out shortly,” a Minister remarked.