Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The GHMC has decided to strengthen security around the Jawaharnagar dump where three rag pickers have been buried alive. As it is the second such incident in the last few days, more private securitymen are to be deployed, said Additional Commissioner (Health & Sanitation) S. Aleem Basha.

“We have five security personnel to prevent any unauthorised entry into the dump yard round-the-clock. And during the daytime our sanitary workers and poclains will be continuously at work. However, these three youths got into the dump yard from the backside after dusk which was not noticed by the security men,” he explained.

The sudden downpour and accompanying wind in the area resulted in some of the garbage mounds to suddenly collapse leading to the trio being caught under it. A body was recovered and search for the other two is being continued, he added.