Special Correspondent

Workload of officials continues to rise with launch of more welfare schemes

HYDERABAD: As the workload of officials continues to rise with the launch of more welfare schemes, the government is facing a piquant situation in ensuring equal distribution of tasks to see that district Collectors and Joint Collectors are not overburdened.

It initially proposed creation of one post of Joint Collector in addition to the existing one at the district level. But, it could not materialise as the government is “unable” to get cadre (IAS) officers and the creation of the new post in itself is likely to give rise to administrative problems.

At the same time, it cannot go for fresh recruitment due to recurring additional expenditure on establishment in the long run. “We are forced to take the deputation route to overcome the problem to some extent, but that too is proving inadequate,” a senior Minister said.

Some Minister are, therefore, suggesting that the government scrap the regional posts like the joint directors of different departments and utilise their services more effectively.

These posts were created when there were no means of effective communication between the districts and the State headquarters.

“But, given the technology and modes of transport available at present, the distances are practically done away with, thereby, making the posts redundant,” the Minister said. Scrapping of the posts will help the government in re-deploying its manpower, but “it requires lot of political will.”

Ministers are insisting that the government take a re-look at the cooperative set up which has employees far in excess of the tasks entrusted to it.

Moreover, when the confidence in the cooperative system was eroding fast where was the need in continuing the department with so many employees.