The fourth day proceedings of the international conference on ‘Advanced dynamical core modelling for atmospheric and oceanic circulations’ at NARL campus on Thursday saw discussion on climate system modelling and data assimilation.

Jean Cote from ESCER Centre, Canada spoke on CMC-MRB global environmental multi-scale (GEM) model designed for both forecasting and data assimilation at uniform resolution global scale.

V.Balaji from GFDL, Princeton University, spoke on climate modeller systems, while Anthony Thevenin from CERFACS, France spoke on the architecture of OASIS3-MCT and Open-PALM-2 open source codes couplers.

Mahendra Verma, a professor from IIT Kanpur dwelt on software ‘Tarang’ developed by him for numerical simulations, while R.Shankar from IMSC spoke on Himalayan glaciers and implications by climate models.