Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: Joint Director of Agriculture G. Rajesham and Principal Scientist of DAAT Center G. Narasimha Rao advised Bengalgram farmers to spray "Thiodecarb" (150 to 200 grams per acre) in the evenings for better results.

They said Spodoptera exigua attacks the plants only in the nights and an evening spray would have better effect.

They said Bengalgram was cultivated on 2.18-lakh hectares, which was 90,000 hectares higher than the normal area under Bengalgram in the district.

They analysed that the second generation of larvae developed because of heavy rains after sowing this year.

Also, heliothes attack was noticed on a small scale on the crop.

The pest could be controlled by adopting integrated pest management practices like pheromon traps, spraying of neem oil, manual collection of larvae, setting up of bird perchers and spraying of chloro, quinolphos or acephate as last resort.