The excavation work in search of a hidden treasure on the Vidyaranya School campus has not gone down well with the school management committee members, family members of Raja Rameshwar Rao of Wanaparthy Samsthan, teachers and parents.

Many have questioned the blind faith displayed by Archaeology officials on the claims of persons without ascertaining facts through independent research and scientific evidence. Parents and school officials have criticised the penchant for the Archaeology Department officials to embark on treasure hunting expeditions in the recent past.

“They tried to do the same thing at ANGRAU Home Science College, Saifabad, Mint Compound and Aayakar Bhavan. They were left red faced when nothing came out of the excavations except for bunkers. They have completely destroyed a playground meant for nursery children. Will they construct the playground again?” questioned Ram Manohar Reddy, a parent.

Members of the school committee pointed out that the family members of Rameshwar Rao of Wanaparthy Samsthan would have known about the existence of a tunnel. The committee members said that the Archaeology Department started excavation works without even informing them ahead.

“They just came and started digging. Nobody informed us till we approached them. How can they just blindly believe claims of some persons and start digging without preliminary investigations,” management committee members said. Meanwhile, thanks to the excavation works, the school management has declared a holiday for students on Monday.