Scholarships given to poor Brahmin students

Collector B. Sreedhar distributed scholarships worth about Rs 1.50 lakh to 30 poor Brahmin students at T.V.S. Kalyana Sadan in Nellore on Sunday.

The scholarships were given away to the students on he basis on their merit in education.

The scholarships were awarded by the Poor Brahmin Higher Education Supporting Trust, supported by the Brahmana

Maha Sabha.

Speaking on the occasion, Brahmana Maha Sabha president Rallapalli Ramasubba Rao said the trust would give scholarships to 50 more poor Brahmin students, who are pursuing variosu professional courses such as MBA, MCA, PG and engineering courses, on September 25.

Trust president P.S.R.K. Murthy, secretary Sarvepalli Ajay Kumar and others attended the programme and lauded the students who won the scholarships.

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