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To be nominated by seven civilian members A report on the election is being sent to the Centre

  • Nawab's loss a big blow to Congress
  • Congress, TDP, TRS-backed candidates vie for the post

    HYDERABAD: After a hectic day of celebrations and upsets on Monday, things are slowly edging back to normalcy for the public in the Secunderabad Cantonment.

    However, the scene behind the curtains is turning into a bull yard with the issue of the next SCB vice-president proving to be more than mere fodder for debate.

    While winners took out victory rallies on Tuesday, discussions on the significant post of vice-president, who will be nominated by the seven civilian members, had begun on Monday night itself.

    While veteran Congressman Nawab Mahmood Khan's surprise defeat dealt a huge blow to hopes of Congress-backed members in the Board to stake a claim to the post, talk that the first woman member of SCB, TRS-backed E. Manjula Reddy, would be aiming at vice-presidency has spiced up the whole affair.

    Ms. Reddy, who won by a slender margin of 255 votes over her nearest rival Samala Sathi Reddy of the Congress, has company from her party in B. Prabhakar, who trounced Nawab.

    However, Jampanna Pratap, who has held the post earlier, is also in the fray.

    Though Nawab's loss dented his plans slightly, TDP-backed P. Venkat Rao's stance could spell out the future for Pratap's plans. Rumours of P. Gowri Shankar also gunning for the post are making the rounds but the fact that political support and background have no official credentials within SCB has thrown the turf open.

    SCB executive officer T. Arockianathan said a report on the election was being sent to the Central Government, which would release a gazette in about two weeks.

    The swearing-in of the Board members would take place only after that.