The Lok Satta voluntary organisation, Karimnagar consumers' council, RTI Rakshana Vedika, Jana Vignana Vedika and other voluntary organizations on Wednesday alleged large-scale irregularities in the payment of compensation to the land oustees of ongoing Mid Manair Dam (MMD) reservoir in Karimnagar district.

They accused the officials of conniving with the land oustees and increasing compensation for structures against the normal valuation.

Increased abnormally

They said valuation costs of structures were increased abnormally by over 55 times of the original valuation of houses, which were on par with that of Indiramma houses.

The delegation comprising Lok Satta district president N. Srinivas, RTI Rakshana Vedika president T. Rajamouli, Karimnagar consumers' council advisor Prakash Holla and others met Collector Smita Sabharwal and submitted a memorandum and other details on the alleged scandal in the payment of compensation to the oustees collected through Right to Information Act.

They said the officials had increased valuation of houses, which were on the lines of Indiramma housing scheme, to Rs. 18 lakh and above. The delegation members said they had collected information of 42 structures originally valued at Rs. 1.14 crore and re-valued at Rs. 6.62 crore, which was an increase of 600 per cent. They said structures at Kodimunja village of Vemulawada mandal and other villages such as Shabashpalli, Chinthalthana, Cheerlavancha, Kandi Katkur, Manwada, Kodurupaka, Neelojipalli were re-valued abnormally against the original value. They urged the Collector to conduct a thorough inquiry under the supervision of the vigilance authorities to punish the guilty.

They said a single house originally valued at Rs. 10 lakh was re-valued at Rs. 32.53 lakh, cattle shed was valued at Rs 18.95 lakh and many more such irregularities.