State Bank of Hyderabad has revised interest rates on Non Resident External (NRE) /Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) deposits with effect from April 1.

The interest rate for NRE term deposit for one year to less than two years will be 2.53 per cent, two years to less than three years 2.71 p.c., and three years and above up to five years, 3.25 p.c. The rate for FCNR deposits in US dollars will be 1.78 p.c. for a period of one year but less than two years, 1.96 p.c. for two years but less than three years, 2.5 p.c. for three years but less than four years, 2.98 p.c. for four years but less than five years, and 3.4 per cent for five year deposits. – Special Correspondent