Officials urged to open depots to supply sand

A group of social activists comprising builders, businessmen, professionals and managers joined hands to form Save Hundri Panel to restore the pristine glory of the river.

Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, honorary president M. Linga Reddy, president N. Venkat Reddy, members P. Ranganath Reddy, Harshavardhan Reddy, Ramagovida Reddy, Gopichand, Srinivas and others said the Hundri river was defaced due to various factors.

Mr. Linga Reddy said Hundri river was once the lifeline of the people of Kurnool city and used as drinking water source.

However, indiscriminate quarrying of sand from the river bed, dumping of garbage, release of sewage, and encroachment for cultivation of crops had caused irreparable damage to the river.

The Hundri river originates in Pathikonda area and passes through Gonegandla, Naikal, Khairavadi, Laddagiri, Ulindakonda, Laximipuram and Kurnool before joining the Tugabhadra river near Johrapuram.

In the first phase, the panel planned to clean up the river from Anand theatre to Johrapuram by removing the silt, weed and other hurdles for free flow of river.

Sewage treatment

The panel would prevail upon municipal and revenue authorities to treat the sewage before letting into the river and stop dumping garbage.

The movement would be formally launched by Collector C. Sudarshan Reddy on December 5. The volunteers would remove weed and conduct candle light ceremony in the evening on the bank of Hundri.

Meanwhile, another activist of Save Hundri Movement K.C. Kalkura urged the authorities to stop sand quarrying from the river beds and instead open government sand depots to supply sand to the public. No individual should be allowed to get into the river to extract sand, he said

  • Sand quarrying, dumping of garbage, release of sewage, cause immense damage to the river

  • Save Hundri Panel to clean up the river from Anand theatre to Johrapuram