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Agency takes possession of all records from CID

HYDERABAD: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will launch its investigation into the Satyam Computers fraud on a full scale from Saturday following the handing over of the Dilkusha guesthouse to the agency on Friday.

16-member team

The 16-member investigating team of the CBI has been allotted nine of the 11 suites and a sitting hall in the government-owned guesthouse next to the Raj Bhavan.

The remaining two suites were reserved for enquiry commissions, one of which is probing the police firing that followed a bomb blast at the Mecca Masjid.


With the CBI team being allotted the guesthouse, the building has been barred for occupation by visitors from Friday. A senior CBI official told The Hindu that the real investigation into the fraud will begin on Saturday.

The agency has taken possession of all records from the CID and preserved them at the guesthouse. He said the team was split into four smaller groups and each one given a specific task. One of the teams would look into the fund flow from Satyam Computers to SRSR Advisory Services which was said to be the epicentre of land transactions by former Satyam chairman B. Ramalinga Raju and his brothers.

The CBI would also examine leads passed on to it by the CID regarding fraudulent fixed deposit receipts and invoices maintained by Satyam.

Armed post

Though the Dilkusha guesthouse was provided an armed post to ensure security for the CBI officers and the property in their custody, he said the agency had sought further reinforcement which was likely to arrive on Saturday.