The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) submitted to the court on Thursday a sealed cover containing the status report on the investigation into Satyam Computers fraud. In presenting a sealed cover to the special court which is trying the fraud, the agency tried to ensure that the progress of investigation was not known to the accused.

The court had on Monday asked the CBI to furnish information about the present stage of investigation and the defence to explain whether former company chairman B. Ramalinga Raju could be examined by a questionnaire. However, the defence failed to meet the court's requirement on Thursday, which resulted in the Magistrate B.V.L.N. Chakravarthy issuing an ultimatum that it would be construed as Mr. Raju unwilling to answer questionnaire if an affidavit was not filed on Monday, the next day of hearing.

The Magistrate noted that the case could not be held up for want of Mr. Raju's presence. When it was pointed out that the CBI gave no commitment on its earlier proposal to file the fourth chargesheet ahead of examination of the accused, the Magistrate said the agency had expressed its inability since response to letters rogatory from a few countries where Satyam transactions had taken place was not received. The CBI Deputy Inspector General V.V. Lakshminarayana told reporters later that the letters were sent to British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, UK, US, Belgium and Singapore.