Team India's historic win sends cricket-lovers into a frenzy

As M.S.Dhoni's magical hit soared into the stands at the Wankhede Stadium scripting a historic win for team India, the calm summer Saturday night in the city was shattered with the screams of fans surging onto the roads from homes, pubs, restaurants and hotels.

The boisterous crowds were out chanting ‘Jai Ho' as they zipped across on their two-wheelers and cars jamming the city roads. Of course, the ubiquitous tri-colour fluttered and held high by the youngsters as their vehicles zoomed towards the Tank Bund – the epicentre of Hyderabadis' celebrations.

The decibel levels increased by the minute and the city saw a repeat of Diwali with firecrackers lighting up the sky. Rockets zoomed into the dark sky from the nook and corner of the city. The joy of the people knew no bounds and it was expressed with the parents carrying their kids on the shoulders dancing and the young men and women hugging each other to relish the victory.

Sweets were stuffed into the mouths of friends, relatives and even strangers on the roads. The crowds danced to the typical Hyderabad ‘teen maar' beats and even elders joined the young to share their happiness. Mobile phones kept ringing and congratulatory messages were exchanged. The signature tune of the World Cup “De Ghumake…” rent the air.

Deserted roads

Earlier, in the day roads wore a deserted look. Entire city hooked onto the television sets whether it was pubs, hotels or resorts that saw huge turnout. Clad in Indian team attire kids, youngsters and the young at heart displayed their nationalism linked to cricket brazenly.

As the matched progressed the moods swung like a pendulum. There was tension whenever an Indian wicket fell and joy when a partnership was building. The boundaries were welcomed with screams and dances while a wicket loss left everyone in stunned silence.

Hundreds of cricket fans came together at PBEL City, APPA Junction, to cheer Team India. Cheer leaders and live DJ added a dash of entertainment to the event. Allipuram Rajasekhar Reddy, a young entrepreneur who enjoyed the match at Leonia Resorts said the atmosphere was amazing with a screen right inside the swimming pool. “The cool waters touching the body were magical and the innings of Ghambir and Dhoni were the perfect recipe for the tensed minds,” he said summing up success on a hot summer night.