Pooling in his four decades experience, K.P.C.Gandhi conceived Truth Labs, the first independent forensic science laboratory five years back. Since then, it has spread wings tackling cases from across the country and covering a wide gamut of crimes. “It has been a satisfying and exciting journey and at the same time, highly gratifying too,” says Dr. Gandhi.

What prompted the idea of Truth Labs?

I realised that a common man does have equal opportunity to seek justice when confronted with crime or injustice. He is not able to freely go to the police and be sure that the case is registered, investigated and detected to provide justice and punish the culprit.

What is offered to such persons?

To ensure selfless service to people, we are registered as Truth Foundation which is a no-profit Trust and with no commercial interest. We only charge a small fee of Rs.5,000 for examination of all types of cases including DNA, cyber forensic, document verification or crime detection. And our reports are provided within seven days.

How is the lab doing in terms of finance?

Truth Labs has been set up with considerable donations from my family. Even now, I am losing Rs.2 lakh every month and looking to break even in next six months to one year time.

Is the lab directly accessible for public?

Yes, it is. Nearly 2,000 cases were directly referred by people who made use of our report proactively and had it as evidence to file a complaint in police station or a civil suit in court.

How is forensic science evolving?

A. Forensics is evolving and developing along with all other sciences and technological developments and innovations. It borrows from every field of development from biology, medicine, engineering, arts, commerce and humanities.