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The five-day ritual is being performed for universal peace and prosperity The five-day ritual is performed for universal peace

  • Rs. 30 lakhs spent on renovation of temple
  • The `yagam' is expected to cost Rs. 6 lakhs
  • Some 150 devotees contribute Rs. 2,116 each

    KURNOOL: `Maharudrayagam' and `Sathachandiyagam' got off to a start at Tripuranthakam in Prakasam district on Wednesday. The `yagam' will go on uninterruptedly for five days, which according to Executive Officer of Srisailam temple Madhavasetty, is being performed for universal peace and prosperity.

    Temple adopted

    Srisailam temple has adopted the temple of Sri Tripuranthaka Swamy and Tripurasundari, which is considered the eastern gateway of Srisailam temple in 1998. An amount of Rs. 30 lakhs was spent on the renovation of the Tripuranthakam temple so far.

    Mr. Madhava Setty took part formally in the initiation of the `yagam', which is being performed by 56 Vedic scholars, led by Ganti Laxmi Narasimha Sarma from Rajahmundry. Six Vedic scholars from Srisailam temple were also taking part in the rituals.

    The `yagam' is expected to cost Rs. 6 lakhs. So far, 150 devotees have contributed Rs. 2,116 each.

    What legend says

    According to the legend, Lord Shiva killed three demons and established order.

    The present temple is believed to have been constructed in the 8th Century.