BC Welfare Minister Baswaraju Saraiah on Sunday had his way and got one of his follower appointed as the chairman of the Warangal Agricultural Market. “This is the first time an SC candidate is appointed as the chairman of an Agricultural Market Committee in the State,” Saraiah claimed.

At present, the committee has representations of various sections of people like commission agents, cotton traders, vegetable vendors and fruit merchants. The panel headed by Manda Vinod Kumar, who belongs to Madiga community, comprises four BCs, one ST, one minority, four SCs and two from the ‘forward caste’ communities. Notwithstanding the ongoing Telangana and Seemandhra tussle, the minister succeeded in having his say in the appointment of the market committee chairman.

“The committee is truly represented by all sections of the society. The Congress always cares for those who really work hard and is always sympathetic towards the downtrodden communities,” he said.

The swearing-in ceremony held on the market premises at Enumamula village on the outskirts of Warangal town witnessed a large gathering from the surrounding villages. In-charge minister R. Venkat Reddy, MP S. Rajaiah and other peoples’ representatives were in attendance.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. M Vinod Kumarthanked the minister and pledged to work for the welfare of farmers and improve infrastructure at the market yard.