Festive shopping has picked up momentum for this Sankranti, arguably the most famous harvest festival in south India. Garment stores, malls, jewellery showrooms and, not the least, hotels have made arrangements to meet people’s expectations this season. The occasion brings families together and marks exchange of pleasantries and gifts. Being centrally located in coastal region, the city presents the festival in all its splendour. There are rangoli and “gobbemmas”, and “gangireddulollu” and “haridasu keertans”.

The joy of the festival enhances the mood among the people to go for shopping and pick up the best products to make the most of the season. As it is the most important festival, shops and hotels have come out with attractive offers and discounts. The festive offers and schemes from the businessmen and shopkeepers bears witness to the general euphoria in the air.

Festive ambience

At some malls and shops, a festive ambience has been created by arranging for presentation of decorated bulls and “haridasus”. The urban customers have a hearty feeling for being able to see traditional festive atmosphere coming alive before their eyes.

The buzz of gift shopping continues in market places. Big Bazaar, Spencer’s, Modern Market and other malls sport a bridal look for the occasion. Illuminations and decorations are most common because of the immense popularity of the festival.

Hotels have recreated rural ambience with images of bullock carts and “muggulu” on their premises presenting a new experience to the visitors.

Food festivals with Andhra cuisine and festival flavours are everywhere. The Gateway Hotel, Fortune Murali Park, D.V. Manor, Ilapuram, Minerva and such hotels have many things in place to attract the people for this season.

Similarly, jewellery showrooms have a wide range of products to suit the needs of all types of customers. The electronics showrooms have also lined up a variety of offers and schemes for the shoppers. They are offering introductory special offers and festive gifts. To attract women, some are offering free mehandi. Gifts on purchases have become commonplace.

Garment showrooms are fully prepared to make the most of shopping public. R.S. Brothers, M&M, Chandana, Cherma’s and a host of textile showrooms on M.G. road, Besant road and other arterial roads wear a festive look. Discounts are being offered on a wide range of men’s wear, ladies collections and kid’s garments.