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Budget document shows huge allocation for trivial issues, alleges Congress

Sangareddy: The budget estimates of Sangareddy municipality showing a surplus of Rs. 52.29 lakhs for 2006-2007 has drawn flak from councillors of all political parties, except the TRS.

With the budget details for the current year and revised budget estimates of 2005-2006 differing from the documents submitted by the municipal office , the councillors allege tampering of figures .

The initially submitted document mentioned estimated revenue and expenditure as Rs. 383.67 lakhs and Rs. 588.55 lakhs respectively, leaving a deficit of Rs. 204.88 lakhs.

Councillor of 28th ward B. Mallesh said that the document has been dispatched only three days before the meeting.

He also pointed out that the abruptly wrapped up meeting under chairperson B. Vijayalakshmi of the TRS has not even formally approved the budget.

Sixth ward councillor Sekhar said the mandatory budget allocation of 40 per cent for slum development has been completely ignored.

Council members also allege that the officers neither submit the annual accounts for approval nor were the figures audited since 2004.

He pointed out that the budget proposed Rs. 3 lakhs for wastebaskets, Rs 4.5 lakhs for repairs of two tractors, and a staggering Rs. 25 lakh for bleaching powder.