Government departments, it appears, have not learnt to work in coordination with one another in spite of repeated criticism in the media and the people.

The recent Government Order (GO Rt 2525) is a classic example of how the departments work in isolation irrespective of happenings outside. This GO was issued by the General Administration Department sanctioning Rs. 13,999 towards cost of new Samsung mobile handset purchased for the official use of Health and Family Welfare Minister D.L. Ravindra Reddy.

Issuance of orders for purchase of mobile handsets by the Ministers is common. But this particular order was issued on June 6, five full days after Dr. Ravindra Reddy was sacked on June 1. Howzzat !

M Rajeev

Of music and tension in city

June 14 was the D day for the police and the Telangana protagonists, who were almost at loggerheads over the “Chalo Assembly” rally. While Telangana Rashtra Samiti, BJP and CPI MLAs were in the forefront trying to protest the police high handedness, the Congress legislators maintained a stoic silence despite the police clamp down on the protestors.

Amid all the tension outside the Assembly, a senior Minister from Telangana seemed oblivious and unconcerned to all the action taking place in the city. Walking in briskly into the Assembly premises along with his personal security officers, the Minister settled down in his chambers, opened Ipad and merrily listened to the melodious songs from a Hindi super hit movie.

Unmindful of the presence of journalists, in his chambers, the Minister was completely immersed in listening to the lilting music and did not exchange a word with them. He gave a miss to the proceedings inside the House. When journalists were wondering what he was up to, he switched off his Ipad suddenly and left the premises as briskly as he entered.

Ravi Reddy

Mother of starry nights

Glitzy do at HICC By any yardstick, it was the mother of all starry events in recent times, one with a fair share of glamour and humour, despite the starry airs typical of those in the entertainment industry. And it had its dose of serious stuff too, like when Akkineni Nagarjuna dedicated the award he received for ‘Shirdi Sai’ to all those stalwarts from the Telugu film industry who contributed to the 100 Indian years of Indian Cinema.

Actress Kajal Agarwal recalled how it is said that behind the success of every man, there was a woman and went on to proffer her version. “Behind my success there is a man,” she paused, making the audience wait with bated breath, before adding, “My dad is the man behind my success.”

The continuous comedy track by the hosts - popular anchor Suma and Ali, apart from the ‘Chinnoda Peddoda’ spoof of the Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh-starrer ‘Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ was received well. In all, the Cinemaa Awards 2013 was a well-scripted entertainer in its own right.

Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Exploring the city the ‘Chalo Assembly’ way

Thanks to the ‘Chalo Assembly’ programme on Friday, the citizens of Hyderabad got to know narrow by-lanes in core areas leading to the Assembly which they would have never dreamt of exploring at other times.

As the police barricaded and/or threw barbed fencing on every lane and by-lane, the hapless motorists did a ‘Chinese checkers’ as they went from one street to another to look for an outlet to land on the main arterial road. To their surprise, they found oh-so- many new ways at short distances from their home where they had been living for decades.

It was worth the effort for the vehicular traffic as road users appeared to have found out some places which the police did not focus. But, will it help in the next agitation, because the police would be wiser now, is the question !

N. Rahul.