Minister for School Education and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan S. Sailajanath has Minister for Handlooms P. Shankar Rao who alleged that orders for school uniforms were placed with agencies outside the State inspite of his instructions to give the work to APCO.

Dr. Sailajanath told reporters here on Wednesday that the orders for two pairs of uniforms each to 52 lakh government school students were given to APCO, Serifed, NTC, NSIC, Lepakshi etc.

The government ordered APCO to supply 50 p.c. of the total uniforms required by May-end.

However on April 20, APCO expressed its inability to fulfil the order. Then a decision was taken to slash the order given to APCO by 50 p.c. and give the same to NTC, the Minister said.