Crushing capacity of the unit to be increased

VIZIANAGARAM: Minister for Marketing Botcha Satyanarayana has said that sugarcane growers under Sri Vijayarama Gajapathi Cooperative Sugars Limited have agreed to contribute Rs. 50 per tonne of sugarcane crushed towards share capital for expansion and modernisation of the factory. The crushing capacity of the factory from the present 1,250 tonnes per day will be increased to 2,000 tonnes. He said that the proposal of expansion at a cost of Rs. 36 crores was pending before the National Cooperative Development Corporation. At present the share capital of farmers was Rs. 60 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore would be added to it during the crushing season this year, he said at a press conference on Thursday. The Minister, who participated in a meeting of farmers at the factory in Jami mandal on Wednesday evening, said that the farmers while agreeing to contribute Rs. 50 per tonne out of Rs. 980 per tonne being paid to them, urged him to include other growers who do not hold shares in the list of shareholders of the factory. The Minister said that the demand for insurance cover to the deceased or those crippled in accident while transporting sugarcane to the factory and also for hike in remunerative price per tonne would be decided at the end of the present crushing season.