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Farmers in two mandals hardly get water for their crops

Haldi project built to provide irrigation facility to the two mandals Farmers lifting water using pumpsetsCanals are so badly damaged that the project is unable to provide water

Medak: Farmers of Yeldurty and Chinnsankarampet mandals of Medak district are a disappointed lot as the canal system built on Haldi 'vaagu' failing to supply water for the Rabi crop despite satisfactory rainfall during monsoon. While it is envisaged to irrigate 3,000 acres in these two mandals from the Haldi project, only 586 acres in Hakimpet, Achampet and Kuppalapalli villages have been assured of water for the Rabi season.

Haldi reservoir was built to provide irrigation to lands in Darpalli, Suraram, Bagirthipalli, Chandapur and Jangarai of Chinnasankarampet mandal, and Uppulingapur, Edulapalli and Ramaipalli of Yeldurty mandal.

Ramayampet legislator Padma Devender Reddy has pointed out that the whole project built at cost of Rs. 1.3 crores has been rendered useless due to a mismatch between the sluice and the canal.

As a result, farmers have been lifting water using pumpsets thereby leaving nothing for the tail-end lands.

Repairs needed

According to president of Water Users' Association of Darpalli village Shaik Reddy timely repairs to canals would have helped the lands along the nine-km stretch of the right canal. He has alleged that at present canals are so badly damaged that the project is unable to provide water to villages located even in the four-km radius of the project.

Help to be sought

Farmers in Yeldurty mandal are planning to seek the help of State Archaeological Department to decipher writings on the centuries-old stone plates found in the vicinity.

The villagers believe that the kings who ruled the region have awarded rights to use the Haldi water to the village.