The Indian embassies in all countries should not only be politically oriented, but have an economic outlook too. In view of the falling value of rupee against dollar and other currencies, the Central government should not enter into defence deals with an export tag or a clause to send out products to those countries. Russia needs several commodities from our country and those can be part of these deals. Special duty concessions can be obtained. We should start looking at countries like Iran and North African nations.

K. Suryaprakash


Plebiscite needed

Only a handful of people from the organised sector are on the streets seeking bifurcation of the State and they constitute only 10 per cent of the population. Let the State government or Centre take a poll on people’s wish (plebiscite) on proposed division of the State. Any reputed organisation or Intelligence Bureau can conduct the plebiscite. The ordinary people – farmers, daily wage earners, are not bothered about the bifurcation.

V.V. Ramanaiah


Power blues

The A.P. Southern Power Distribution Company Limited has been increasing the tariff or adjusting fuel charges as and when they desired, which was taxing the people to a large extent. The State Government must ensure that the SPDCL resorted to reasonable power tariff hike only once every year instead of doing it as and when they desired.


A.S. Nagar

Keep DBT in abeyance

Transferring of money directly to the bank account of the beneficiary for the LPG Subsidy needs to be shelved or kept in abeyance till the general elections next year as there is no proven system in place. The transfer of money will not take place properly as many consumers do not have bank accounts and some do not have any knowledge about the DBT Scheme. Also there was no guarantee that the amount would released on time.

K. Venkaiah