Executive committee members upset over a point in agenda

The executive committee meeting of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), which was scheduled for Friday at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppal, could not be held due to protests and threat of resignations from some of the members.

The agitated members, reportedly 14 of the 22-member EC, were upset that the agenda for the meeting included passing of accounts for the year 2010-11 and also on the ground that the minutes of the previous two EC meetings were not yet handed over to them till Friday.


“We were given a 70-page accounts statement referring to about Rs. 50 crore expenditure yesterday evening and they wanted us to ratify that today by 5 p.m. How can this be done,” asked R. Devaraj, EC member.

“And look at the irony!

The finance sub-committee meeting was held between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. today suggesting that we should blindly pass the annual accounts,” he said.

Leave meeting venue

“Yes, we left the venue even before the meeting was scheduled to commence since we felt that why should we face all the music of enquiries for all the alleged financial irregularities committed by a select few in he HCA,” was the argument of these members.

‘Not accountable'

These members also alleged that the accounts for the last financial year incorporated some of the major expenses of the previous 10 years to which they were never a party and hence cannot be made accountable.

In fact, T. Seshnarayan informed the media that he along with three others had even handed over their resignations to Hyderabad Cricket Association president Arshad Ayub protesting the “high-handed attitude in finalising today's agenda.”

Arshad Ayub's take

However, HCA president Arshad Ayub denied that there was a boycott of the meeting, saying that since some members sought more time to go through the accounts, it has been agreed to postpone it to Saturday.

“Yes, the agenda and the venue will remain the same,” he said to a query.

  • 14 EC members leave meeting venue questioning need to face a probe for no fault of theirs

  • No boycott of meeting; it was just put off to enable members examine accounts: Arshad Ayub