S. Sandeep Kumar

Specialised cameras to help capture images of traffic rule violators

HYDERABAD: Regional Transport Authority, Hyderabad, with the objective of keeping a check on motorists violating traffic and road safety rules, proposes to procure five interceptor vehicles with Road Safety Funds.

These vehicles are equipped with a specialised camera that rotates 360 degrees and captures the images of vehicles and persons violating traffic rules.

It is supplemented with an in-built breath analyser for checking drunken driving; a speed radar gun to record speeding and even a pollution check kit.

The vehicles come with a computer that is connected to a central server to records all offences online armed with video evidence; RTA authorities will issue challans and even seize vehicles of offenders.

Each interceptor vehicle is estimated to cost to around Rs. 25 lakhs and of the five to be procured three will be used in the city and the other two sent to Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada.

Delhi has 10

According to transport officials, the vehicles will ply on major roads round-the-clock and aid in surveillance on suspicious elements, especially at night.

At Present, Delhi Police has 10 such vehicles

Joint Transport Commissioner N.V. Subba Rao says the vehicles will be procured in a month and if they prove to be successful more such vehicles will be procured.