Existing vehicle owners will have to continue with the ‘AP’ series

‘TG’ will be the new registration series for the new Telangana State once formed. The Transport department is currently studying the process adopted by Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttaranchal governments in changing the vehicle registration number series.

Though the official work will commence only after a notification is issued by the government for the change in number series, senior authorities in the department say that initially the change in vehicle registration series would be applicable for new vehicles only.

Existing vehicle owners will have to continue with the ‘AP’ series and will have to change the series only while they apply for registration renewal after 15 years from the date of registration. All these modalities will have to be worked out, explains a senior transport official, who did not want to be identified.

Presently, each district is assigned with a code number, while Hyderabad (AP 9,10,11,12,13 and 14), Krishna (AP 16,17,18 and 19) and Visakhapatnam (AP 31,32,33 and 34) districts are assigned with six and five code numbers respectively due to the high number of vehicle registrations. Ranga Reddy, West Godavari, East Godavari and Guntur districts are assigned with two code numbers.

While the code numbers would remain same, the suffix series could be changed for the Telangana region. This is what Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttaranchal governments followed and the new State series was assigned as JH, CG and UA, respectively.

The Uttaranchal government later changed the series to “UK” after the formation of Uttarakhand, says the official. According to transport department vehicle census till March 31, 2012, there about 1.18 crore vehicles registered in A.P. Every year, many transport vehicles, especially private bus and truck operators apply for temporary and national permits to shuttle across States and regions.

In case, a notification issued then private buses operating from Vijayawada, Tirupati and Seemandhra regions to capital would have to apply for inter-State permits alike Hyderabad-Karnataka permits. Presently, operators pay Rs. 2,600 per seat per quarterly year as permit fee and this could increase to Hyderabad-Karnataka permit fee of Rs.3,675 per seat per quarterly. But, these issues have to finalised still, adds the official.