Minister for Stamps and Registration Thota Narasimham has said that the state government has released Rs.4.50 crore for construction of R and B Road between Samalkot and Prattipadu, which was damaged in last three years due to floods, Neelam cyclone.

Speaking to mediapersons at Veeravaram village in Kirlampudi mandal on Thursday, the minister said that with the released funds, new road will be laid for 21 km between the above two towns and will connect Vadlamuru, Divili, Pulimeru and Rajupalem villages.

He claimed that in Jaggampeta constituency, his home town, he got funds from state government to lay new road between Bavaram to Somavaram villages and also a ring-road with Rs.2.5 crores, Rs.12.5 crores were spent for construction of additional school buildings, Rs.1.50 crores for repairs to Jaggampeta junior college and sanctioned Rs.12.50 crores for water treatment plant near Bavaram for the benefit of 21 villages.

Responding to querries by reporters, the Minister said that modernization of Yeleru canal works were just started with Rs.10 crores for which government had allotted Rs.138 crores.

He said that officials are preparing plans for giving irrigation water to eight upland areas in Jaggampeta mandal through the Yeleru right canal.