Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: A suitcase with Rs. 2.35 lakhs of cash was stolen from a bank customer at the Benz Circle branch of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) on Monday. The One Town police found the empty suitcase in Matham lane of Sivalayam Street in the evening.

The Machavaram police said N. Govinda Rao, a retired employee, withdrew Rs. 4 lakhs from the branch of a private bank and took the money to the IOB branch in a suitcase. While he was depositing Rs. 1.65 lakhs in the IOB, over 10 persons, who came in the guise of customers, rounded him. Even before Mr. Govinda Rao could complete the process of depositing the cash, all of them disappeared from the branch. After depositing the cash, Mr. Rao found his suitcase missing and alerted the bank staff, who could not catch the miscreants. The One Town police, who found the suitcase on the side of Matham lane, suspected that it could be containing explosive material. They found it empty after opening it. The police later identified it as the one stolen with cash from the IOB.

Run over

A railway employee was run over by a train near Wagon Workshop at Rayanapadu on Monday. The victim was identified as Gaddam Malleswar, 52, a welder in the Wagon Workshop. A resident of Wagon Workshop Colony, Malleswar was on his way to work in the morning.