R. Jagadeeswara Rao

Telugu Desam image takes a severe beating after Tammineni's episode

  • Telugu Desam candidate breaks down at a press meet
  • Tammineni lashes out at detractors

    Srikakulam: Telugu Desam leaders spilled the beans. Some senior leaders like Tammineni Sitaram chose to wash political dirty linen in public. The result: the image of the TDP as a disciplined party took a severe beating. The assertions of Mr. Sitaram, after faxing his resignation as district convener of ad hoc committee, to party president Nara Chandrababu Naidu over the issue of extending support to Congress rebel candidate Gorle Haribabu Naidu in preference to TDP official candidate Chintu Sudhakar proved to be a bundle of contradictions. Mr. Chintu Sudhakar, broke down at a press meet and said that he was betrayed by senior leaders of the party.

    Dig at leaders

    While talking to media persons after sending in his resignation, an emotionally-charged Sitaram charged senior leaders in the party (he had not named them but the obvious reference was to party MP Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu, TDLP leader Kimidi Kala Venkatas Rao and former speaker K. Pratibha Bharathi with misleading the party high command and giving priority to `personal political interests in preference to party interests'.

    "As a disciplined party worker, I will go by the party decision and make any sacrifice for Mr.Chandrababu Naidu," says Mr. Sitaram. At the same time he had refused to toe the line of the party, which was made clear to him by no less a person than Mr. Chandrababu Naidu himself.

    "These leaders had helped Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao in the last Assembly elections. `Their' stand is influenced by the expected political mileage they are likely to gain in the coming elections in the changed political scenario because of the delimitation process. I will fight these elements in the party," he said.

    Other senior leaders in the party dismissed the observations of Mr. Sitaram as of no consequences. "What is important is the decision of the party which is to support Mr. Gorle Haribabu Naidu. Opinions of individuals do not count," says Mr. Kalavenkata Rao. Some others went to the extent of saying that "Mr. Sitaram is hand in glove with the Revenue Minister."

    Political scenario

    As a result of the latest developments in the TDP, the political scenario in the district in respect of the election to the Local Authorities Constituency has become fluid and uncertain.