Chief Minister K. Rosaiah has condemned the programme telecast on Sakshi TV on the Congress party's affairs headed by Sonia Gandhi terming it as highly distorted, full of malice and far from truth.

In a statement issued here on Saturday night, Mr. Rosaiah not only flayed the programme but appealed to all the right thinking political leaders to deride “the highly motivated comments”.

“It is highly deplorable to comment adversely on her early life which is not resorted to even by the worst opponents,” the statement said. He said all the Congressmen in the country admired her charismatic leadership and stood behind her solidly for strengthening the 125- year old party.

He said: “All the Congressmen of the State are highly supportive of the inspirational leadership of Ms. Gandhi for the development of the State and the country. Every member of the party is committed to uphold the values of sacrifice and service to the society as demonstrated by Ms. Gandhi through her exemplary actions.”

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister N. Janardhana Reddy at a press conference here on Saturday said the report was telecast with ulterior motives.

“The content in the report is highly malicious and acerbic and intended to run down Ms. Gandhi,” he said.

At one stage, he wondered why such action should not be termed anti-national and pointed out that criticism was much more serious than the remarks made by RSS ideologue K. S. Sudarshan.

He felt that the channel editor should be hauled for his misdemeanour. If he were alive, late Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy would have wept, he observed.