Root out corruption

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It is gratifying to note that the Prime Minister has announced a committee to go into the financial irregularities in the conduct of the Common Wealth Games that concluded recently. It certainly leads to the demand for setting up similar committees at various levels as there appears to be corruption every where, where huge public expenditure is involved. This is a point to ponder whether to go in for such committees all over the country or to arrange for monitoring expenditure carefully at every stage and root out corruption. The choice is ours.

Sripada Subrahmanyam


Much needs to be done on parking front

I witnessed the ODI in the ACA-VDCA stadium on October 20. I was very happy to see the facilities and quality of service.

The match itself drew a lot of fun, frolic and satisfaction to one and all. But there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed.

The parking lots and the approaches are some areas that need to be looked into. Location of parking areas should be within the proximity of the respective gates.

If it is not feasible for any reason, proper approach roads to and from the parking areas with sufficient width to cater to the huge rush of vehicles, preferably making it one-way, may ease the situation considerably.

The other aspect is the exorbitant price being charged in the catering area for food items, soft drinks, ice creams etc. Apart from paying high entry fees, the burden for heavy and disproportionate cost (over MRP) for food items is disturbing.

It is another matter that almost every spectator is bound to buy food items during the match which lasts for over eight hours and has to feel the pinch.

S. Patnaik


Address lacunae in allotment of berths

On October 6, my wife (65) and I (75) travelled in 1A class from Chennai to Visakhapatnam by Coromandel Express with advanced confirmed reservation. Surprisingly, we were both allotted upper berths though all the rest of the passengers much younger were given lower berths. After a long air travel from the US, reaching Chennai at 4 a.m., we preferred rail journey for better comfort and relaxation. The problem is, at the time of booking for 1A, only reservation is confirmed but allotment of berths is not specified in the reservation slip and we will come to know of our berth when reservation chart is prepared, a few hours before boarding. I hope the authorities look into the issue.

C.V.N. Rao


This road is in a bad shape

The stretch of road abutting the TSR Shopping Complex at Dwarakanagar, where the flyover construction work is going on, is in a bad state. With construction material strewn helter-skelter and huge mounds of earth lying on one side and the incomplete work of laying of ducts on the other side, the road is totally choked making it extremely difficult for people to even pass by.

Therefore, the business in all the shops in the complex is totally affected. The work of construction of the flyover takes at least one more year for its completion. Are people and the shop owners supposed to put up with such bad road till then?

The authorities concerned should look into the matter and take immediate action to see that construction material and heaps of soil are periodically cleared and also the work of laying the ducts, which is left half-way since a few months, is completed immediately to ensure free flow of traffic.

The road is also subjected to encroachment by push-cart vendors, which is causing difficulty to the public visiting the shops in the complex.

B. Aswani Kumar




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