Save farmers from deep crisis, says Raithu Sangham leader

S. Rama Rao, general secretary of AP Raithu Sangham, affiliated to the CPI (M), urged the government to roll back the prices of fertilizer to save farmers from deep crisis.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, he said the policies of the Centre and the State government threatened to displace small and medium farmers from farming. The prices of fertilizer had gone beyond the reach of farmers and even at higher prices, most of the chemicals were not available.

Entry of multinationals

The seed industry went into the hands of multinational companies which were well-entrenched in the business after taking over several domestic companies. He feared that very soon even water consumption would be metered which would be taken over by multinational companies. Mr. Rama Rao said even 60 per cent of farmers could not be sanctioned crop loans while the large farmers secured farm loans without taking up cultivation.

The government shook off its hands after constituting an expert committee to study the crisis but none of the recommendations were implemented. According to him, farmers were facing the problems because the government wanted to resolve the issue without spending a copper.

District committee leaders Ramesh Babu, Venkateswarlu and others were present.