Restoration of roads after underground drainage work will be taken up at a cost of Rs.20 crore in the city. While 749 km of UGD lines have been laid and most of them connected to households, the restoration of roads continues to be delayed. The UGD work taken up under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission has overshot its deadline owing to various problems, including paucity of funds, the GVMC not being able to hand over the land etc.

Now a detailed project report will be readied to enable the corporation take up the road works prioritising them.

Municipal Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu has asked Additional Commissioner (Projects) K. Ramesh to get the project report readied by mid-May.

Focal point

At the ongoing mass interaction programme ‘Prajapatham' too, MLAs are highlighting the issue of roads citing their bad condition. Even some of the major roads like Daba Gardens require improvement.

Not completing restoration of roads at UGD is also figuring prominently in ‘Prajapatham.' Mr. Ramanjaneyulu said proposals would be taken in the ongoing ‘Prajapatham' duly including the suggestions of MLAs.

The improvement of roads will be taken up after finalising the proposals spending anywhere between Rs.50 crore and Rs.100 crore.

Stating that there was no water scarcity as of now, the Commissioner said more moulded tanks would be set up in any problem area, if required. Also removal of public taps will be suspended.