Exports register a growth of 45 per cent

RINL recorded the best ever monthly sales of Rs.2,136 crore in March this year, with a cumulative sales of Rs.13,650 crore in 2012-13. Exports at Rs. 601 crore registered a growth of 45 per cent and rural sales improved by 15 per cent. The distribution network was widened further with a growth of 54 per cent, while the sale of branded products grew by six per cent.

Growth was recorded in production of hot metal and iron and steel as well at one per cent, with a cumulative production of 3.81 million tonnes and 3.4 million tonnes respectively. Coke and coke products registered the best production since inception and the production of dolomite from the captive mines recorded 2 per cent growth. The gross lime production was also the best since inception. Captive power generation at 211 MW during 2012-13 is the highest during the last 5 years. This helped the company to maintain the production level despite power restrictions imposed by the State Grid during the last 8 months. RINL is fully prepared to meet the growing requirement of power with the commissioning of the expansion units, with minimum support of the State Grid during 2013-14.

RINL also registered improved performance in various techno-economic parameters with eight per cent growth in labour productivity; six per cent improvement in specific water consumption; four per cent growth in sinter productivity; 12 per cent growth in average converter life; and many other parameters. Expenditure on CSR was 11 per cent higher and the best ever R&D expenditure was registered during 2012-13, with a growth of 52 per cent. The capex expenditure was around Rs.1,300 crore in 2012-13. RINL paid Rs.1,652 crore during 2012-13 to GOI towards redemption of preferential equity and payment of dividend.

In 2013-14, RINL has targeted a growth of 20 to 25 per cent in various areas, considering production from the new expansion units. In order to improve its brand image further, the RINL CMD declared 2013-14 as the “Year of Quality”. Director (Operations) Umesh Chandra said RINL had prepared a road map to set up an exclusive R&D centre in VSP very soon. Director (Finance) P Madhusudan said due to rise in input cost and rupee depreciation, the company’s bottomline got affected. Director (Commercial) TK Chand said steel demand has been sluggish due to power restrictions in South particularly in Andhra Pradesh, forcing steel rolling mills to shut down. Director (Personnel) Y.R. Reddy, Director (Projects) N.S. Rao, CVO B. Siddhartha Kumar also spoke. Executive Directors, CISF Senior Commandant Digvijay Singh, and a large number of executives attended.

  • Captive power generation during 2012-13 is the highest in the last 5 years

  • RINL prepares a road map to set up an exclusive R&D centre