Revelling in the magic of all 12s

J.S. Ifthekhar
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Inauguration of ‘Choo Mantar -2012’ coincides with the fancy date 12-12-12

abracadabra!:Minister for IT Ponnala Lakshmaiah and others at the inauguration of ‘Choo Mantar -2012’ at Ravindra Bharati on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL
abracadabra!:Minister for IT Ponnala Lakshmaiah and others at the inauguration of ‘Choo Mantar -2012’ at Ravindra Bharati on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

It was almost eerie. The fancy figure – 12:12:12, 12-12-12 – gave the creeps. Those seated in the Ravindra Bharati auditorium waited with bated breath. Every so often they were seen looking over their shoulders. Yes, they were here for ‘Choo Mantar -2012’. And the very thought sent a shudder down the spines.

“Don’t miss the inaugural moment. It will never occur for years to come,” the announcement only added to the air of expectancy. At seven minutes past 12, the lights in the auditorium switched off and the screen parted aside. All eyes were glued to the hands moving on the huge clock on the stage. Seconds ticked by in the breath-held stillness. As the magic moment arrived - 12 minutes and 12 seconds past 12 noon, there was a sudden blast. The clock vanished in thin air and a smiling Samala Venu, illusionist, emerged waving his magic wand.

That was the magic launch of the three-day International Magicians Convention. The Magicians Academy sponsoring the event chose to inaugurate it in a thrilling way cashing in on the crazy figure – 12-12-12.

“For the common man it may be ominous but for magicians it is an auspicious date,” Mr. Venu remarked.

The number game did not end here. As the foot-tapping Come September music wafted around, one by one 12 magicians in their typical outfits appeared on the stage and presented their sleight-of-hand tricks.

Now it was time for the formal inauguration. IT Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah, and other dignitaries were called on the dais. Strangely, there were no table or chairs. After the traditional lighting of the ‘deepam’, Mr. Lakshmaiah was to launch the event. He was asked to lift a red piece of cloth covering a slender stand. Of course, before that Mr. Venue waived his magic wand.

The moment Mr. Lakshmaiah removed the cloth, the stand opened with a swish and two upturned umbrellas popped up. That was the bewitching start which made the Minister do a double-take.

The politician that he is, Mr. Lakshmaiah quickly regained his composure and said public representatives were expected to be present at all programmes even though they know little about the subject. “Politicians are doing magic these days,” he remarked. As everyone looked askance, he cautioned, “Don’t get carried away. Magic is sheer entertainment.” This observation drew peals of laughter but many were left wondering at the tongue-in-cheek comment.

The inaugural programme concluded with street magic. As everyone trooped out, two magicians cast a spell with incantations and traditional tricks. Want to catch the magicians in action? Turn up at Ravindra Bharati on Thursday evening 7 p.m. sharp.

  • Three-day International Magicians Convention inaugurated at Ravindra Bharati

  • Twelve magicians appear on stage and present their sleight-of-hand tricks

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