Despite the unprecedented price rise people have voted for the Congress governments at the State and the Centre with a hope that steps would be taken to bring the prices down. In the last five years the ruling party was unable to control the price rise and it is imperative for the government to perform well in the area. When people have given a chance twice to the ruling party to form the government and reposed faith in the party, the government should take all steps to control the price rise.

M. Nazeeruddin,


Check price rise

People elected the Congress despite the steep rise in the prices of essential commodities during their last five-year-term. It is surprising that at a time when the inflation is coming down considerably, the price rise have been steadily increasing. Both the governments in their new term should give priority to check the price rise, lest they witness starvation deaths in the coming months.

G. Jagannadh,


Mockery of elections

It is ironical that dalit voters in as much as in 3,325 polling stations across 13 States were not allowed to vote in the just concluded elections. This does not augur well for the country and needs immediate correction. Low voter turnout is yet another hiccup that needs attention. These are all making mockery of our practices and procedures

G.L. Panchashrit Reddy,