Fisheries Department Deputy Director T. Kalyanam said that farmers who engaged in fresh water aquaculture should register with the department for regularisation of the ponds, allowing fresh water aquaculture.

Farmers who had already turned their fields into aqua ponds and those wanting to shift to aquaculture should register before June 15. “Since Andhra Pradesh Government, in its Go No 7, considering that aquaculture as agriculture, obtaining regularisation clearance for aquaculture from District Level Committee (DLC) on fresh water aquaculture is mandatory” said Mr. Kalyanam. The ponds will be regularised if they meet all the required norms, which were framed in the Go no. 7. He said “the ponds which are being run without obtaining required permission from DLC will be closed and legal action will be initiated against land owners. Mr. Kalyanam said an “estimated 3,636 acres of aquaculture ponds owned by farmers are illegal. Unless the ponds are registered for regularisation before June 15, DLC will swing into action”.