Convener of United Citizens’ Forum D. Narasimhachar urged the government to extend the purview of the registration department and verify the title of property being transferred.

In a statement, he said that in the absence of support from government agencies, property buyers were facing hardship. Wily middlemen were cheating buyers and indulging in double registration of properties.

He urged the government to create a mechanism for verification of title and indicating the ownership of the properties as per the government records. In many cases, the public had no access to records to know the status of the property whether it was government or private land; or any restrictions on the transfer of the property.

Mr. Narasimhachar said that the courts had ruled in many judgements to cancel the sale deeds obtained in a fraudulent manner. However, the registration department was silent on this and carried out its business with the sole aim of earning revenue for the exchequer.

He said that the government was not interested in extending service to public and was avoiding court litigations. Mr. Narasimhachar said that the public who bought open house sites in Kurnool city were facing untold miseries in the form of double registrations. In the absence of proper monitoring by the government agencies, the property developers were cheating the innocent buyers by offering them illegal lands. He said that the Forum would launch a campaign to prevent the illegal land deals.

In the absence of support from government agencies, property buyers are facing hardship, says Narasimhachar