Collector and Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) president P.S. Pradyumna has said that the Red Cross will launch a life membership drive on October 25, adding that the programme will be taken up to double the existing membership.

In terms of life membership, the district has been lagging behind in comparison to other districts and officials have been asked to take part in the drive actively to fill the gap, he said. The IRCS activities have been increased in accordance to the demands from the people which include maintenance of blood bank, conduct of health camps, disaster management and extending assistance to Thalassaemia patients, he said.

At a press conference here on Monday, the Collector said that the Indian Red Cross Society was going to have its own medicines bank shortly. With the IRCS activities increasing day by day, public participation assumed utmost importance, he added.

IRCS Chairman Dr. G. Koulaiah said that the idea behind opening the medicine bank was to ensure supply of medicines at cheaper rates to the poor. Generic drugs would be supplied at one fourth of the market price, he said, adding that life members would be given a priority whenever they need blood.