In the wake of controversies raked up by some films depicting certain communities in a poor light, members of the Legislative Council appealed to the government to be cautious in recommending members to the Film Censor Board.

Minister for Information and Public Relations and Cinematography, replying to Mr. G. Thippe Swamy, said that the government had received several complaints about visuals/dialogues in two Telugu films: ‘A woman in Brahmanism’ and ‘Denikaina Ready’. It also constituted a committee to view the films and submit a report.

While the Central Board of Film Certification is the competent authority to certify films for public viewing, she agreed that sometimes films as a medium were being used to score political, regional or cultural points and create a rift in society. Responding positively to the members’ suggestion that the Film Censor Board should have intellectuals and those who understood the medium and sentiments of people, she assured the House that the government would be careful in recommending worthy persons. However, the final say would be that of the Central government’s. Mr. Sudhakar Babu (Congress) protested that people from Rayalaseema were always depicted as cruel.