Notices to NALA offenders, and recovery of amount urged

If the present effort to assess the quantum of losses inflicted by unscrupulous realtors in Adilabad is continued to its logical end, the government will be richer by a few hundred crores of rupees in the coming days.

Unmasking of illegal operations of the land dealers will also bring to light the huge quantity of black money in circulation here.

Four teams deputed

Adilabad Collector P. Venkateswarlu has deputed four teams of officials to carry out a detailed survey on the actual extent of land in 12 villages around Adilabad town which was subjected to ‘conversion' of use by circumventing the Non Agriculture Land Assessment (NALA) Act.

Realtors evaded the mandatory fee of 10 per cent of the land value running into an estimated Rs. 40 crore while converting about 4,000 acres of agriculture land (basic value being an average of about Rs. 10 lakh per acre) into housing lay-outs.

Surveys needed

“Similar surveys and follow up action is needed in all towns and major Gram Panchayats in Adilabad district so that recovery could be affected. Besides, relevant laws should be implemented strictly to curb similar evasion in future,” opines an official busy with the surveys in question.

In addition to evading NALA, the realtors also cause losses by taking advantage of certain provisions in the process of property registration.

Instead of getting a property transferred in his name by paying 12 per cent stamp duty, the purchaser obtains a sale cum general power of attorney to dispose plots in the lay-out got illegally from Gram Panchayats.

The realtors are able to launder huge amounts of black money in land deals by the very familiar method of under valuing the property.

This can be easily established by concerned departments provided they have a will to do it.

‘Issue notices'

Revenue officials do not wish to be quoted but underscore the need for setting matters right by issuing notices to the NALA offenders. This should be followed by recovery of the amounts that were evaded.