Set right the transformer

We the residents of Hardhik Constructions in Gokhale Nagar, Ramanthapur, are facing problem with the electrical transformer placed in front of our apartment. For last few days, the transformer is emitting sparks during nights . Despite several reminders to the electricity department, no action has been taken in this regard.

Nagarajamani M.V.,


Passport please

I applied for passport on June 21 and the police verification was done on September 20. When I checked on the website of RPO on October 5, it was shown that the police report was clear and the passport will be dispatched by October 26. My file number is HYD-F018968-10. I waited for one week and again checked the website on November 2 and regrets were mentioned for delay due to unavoidable circumstances and that the passport will be dispatched within a week. It is nearly five months since I applied and have not yet received it. V.Natarajan,


Sun Direct channels blocked

I have a smart card No.41235247263 of the Sun Direct. For the past fortnight I am not getting some important channels under the agreed package . My repeated complaints remained unattended to. I appeal to the Sun Direct authorities to either attend to my complaint or return my deposit .

K. Kumar,