Congress and Telangana

 As the things are going, Congress and BJP are going to be losers.

If Telangana State is formed, Congress will win more seats in that region than its present strength and so will be BJP. Congress and BJP will loose heavily in Seemandhra.

If Andhra Pradesh is kept united, both Congress and BJP will lose heavily in Telangana and in Seemandhra Congress will lose heavily and YSRC and TDP will rule the roost .

G.M. Rama Rao,

Pithapuram Colony, Visakhapatnam

Hats off Nadella

Hats off to Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft who made India proud.

The salary package offered to him is 18 million dollars per annum.

In rupee terms the amount is Rs. 31 lakhs per day approximately! As they say knowledge is power. 

Hope the State government and our political class provide quality administration and also take imparting knowledge very seriously instead creating unwanted friction not only in A.P., but also on the streets of Delhi.

Crores of rupees are being frittered away, and no action is taken even if these issues are brought to the notice of the State government, and surprisingly it is encouraged by government officials including I.A.S officers.

Gopal Tallamraju,

East Point Colony, Visakhapatnam.


AAP & LS polls

The infant AAP is planning to contest Lok Sabha elections in Delhi and also in other parts of the country.

But it should first prove itself by focussing on Delhi administration and basing on this experience the party may spread to other parts. By wanting to bite more than it can chew APP will end up as a laughing stock.

M. Ramakrishna,

Venkata Nagar, Kakinada.


Microsoft contest finalists to tour SeattleMarch 26, 2014