Dengue death

In a knee-jerk reaction the officials of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation rushed to sanitise Rushikonda area following reports of the death of a child due to dengue. On the other hand the officials of the civic body have not reacted to numerous complaints of stagnant water in Pithapuram Colony which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying such diseases. Maybe a death or two in the area would push the civic administration into action.

Ganti Mahapatruni Rama Rao


No Aadhaar

card yet

Three months after applying for an Aadhaar card I am yet to receive it. The LPG supplying companies have already advertised that to continue to get LPG at subsidised rate Aadhaar card is essential.

This has become a source of worry for me as I am a retired person in my 80s and as such I cannot afford an LPG refill at non-subsidised rate.

V. Someswara Rao


Authoritative declaration

If one were to go by the recent ruling by the Central Information Commission the political parties are public entities and the Congress Working Committee by virtue of its constitution is an authoritative body. The decision of the CWC on bifurcation is final and binding. However, it is not clear if the same stand is valid in the eye of the law if it were one could move courts to question it and put a halt to its implementation.

C. Surayanarayana Rao


Falling values

In the past teaching was considered a noble profession and teachers were worshipped by their students. With the falling values and failure of the system a healthy academic atmosphere is missing in educational institutions. Today education has become and industry and institutions have become for-profit enterprises. There is a need to revive interest in education and impart best quality inputs in students in order to produce a Dr. Radhakrishnan from each generation.

Rajaram Palluru


Protecting environment

The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests recently imposed a penalty on Adani Group’s Mundra Port for damaging mangroves, creeks and local environment.

The Gangavaram Port that has come up in the private sector has also caused immense damage to the local environment and destroyed the livelihood of fisherfolk.

Sunita Narain who headed the committee to study the impact of Mundra Port should be asked to do a similar study of the Gangavaram Port.

S. Ramachandra Rao