Identify water

harvesting pits

About 3 or 4 years ago water harvest pits were dug in the twin cities at a huge cost to increase ground water level. But subsequently their maintenance was neglected. Dust and rubbish were dumped into the pits. Last year there were heavy rains. But the rainwater could not be stored in the pits. The MCH is requested to identify these pits and take action to maintain them properly so that they may be useful during the coming rainy season at least.

G. A. Kumar,

Vijaynagar Colony

Ensure safety near

electrical poles

Most of the steel poles / RCC poles supporting the electrical high voltage conductors, on insulators are neither earthed electrically nor provided with danger notice boards posing danger to general public.

As per IE Rules each pole carrying high voltage line must be provided with adequate earthing through earth electrode, and a danger notice board in English, Hindi and local language in addition to anti-climbing devices.

Hope the authorities will act positively and put an end to fatal accidents.



Changes in rail ticket suggested

The South Central Railway while issuing journey-cum-reservation-ticket (JCRT), in addition to furnishing PNR number, train number, journey date, travel distance, no. of passengers, ticket number, coach / seat / berth, age, total cash amount etc. which are mandatory, show name of the train, boarding station and the scheduled departure of train (time), which are informative.

It may be noted that the information for the departure schedule (time) about 19 characters-space are consumed. The authorities can reduce the number of alphabets by using abbreviations namely "SCH" instead of printing the words "scheduled" and "ARR" for "arrival."

I request the railway authorities to look into the above and introduce printing "Scheduled departure (SCH:DE Time)" and "Arrival Time (ARR)" on the "JCRT".

K. Mallesh,

Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar


strike it rich

Generally heavily crowded buses are targets for pickpockets. But now, marriage halls too are being frequented by them.

Recently at a marriage hall in Masab Tank, the father of the bridegroom appeared very tense and on enquiry it was found that some pickpocket had stolen Rs. 35,000. The owner of the marriage hall and the manager too expressed helplessness.

In this context, the managements of the marriage halls are requested to take appropriate measures to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

Qari M. S. Khan,

New Malakpet

Initiate safety

measures at FOBs

Kudos to municipal authorities for taking up construction of foot over bridges in various locations of twin cities for the benefit of pedestrians especially aged, women and school going children. The foot over bridge at Hyderabad Public School (HPS) at Begumpet looks majestic like Howrah bridge. What is elusive is the huge advertisement hoardings from one end to another end of the bridge (without leaving even an inch space) that too on both sides of the bridge. Definitely many may not appreciate this. On the contrary the municipal authorities have to face wild reactions, criticism and even the wrath of citizens. No doubt the municipal authorities can earn fat revenue, but at the cost of safety and security of the citizens, instead both sides should be covered with close knitted high rise steel mesh, with high quality lighting at nights so that every thing is visible clearly to naked eye and one can reach very fast to the rescue of pedestrians if an urgency arises.

P. V. Prasada Rao,