Howrah Mail

I am glad that the grand old Calcutta-Madras Mail (Howrah-Chennai) is upgraded as a superfast express. At present, the Mail is torturously slow and takes over 16 hours from Visakhapatnam to Chennai as against the 12 hours taken by Coromandel Express.

Now that the Mail stands upgraded as a superfast train, the timings may be rescheduled in such a way that the train leaves Visakhapatnam both ways in the evenings around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. and arrives at destination early morning the next day. This will meet the requirement of Vizagites for an overnight service to Chennai and Howrah.

T.S. Rao,


Evils of liquor

The State Government by granting licences to run liquor shops in every nook and corner of villages, towns and cities is causing a lot of damage. At present, Andhra Pradesh tops the country in liquor revenue. In its anxiety to earn more revenue, the Government is making people addicts to alcohol. The Government should do something to save crores of middleclass and poor families from the evil of liquor.

R. Madhava Rao,


Woes of port staff

Goods trains are run from Visakhapatnam port area to various destinations across the country carrying coal, manganese and empty wagons on a railway track between the Sea Horse junction and port area, from 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. This is peak time for employees who work in offices situated near the port administrative building. Though alternative routes are available, this route is most convenient to many. I request the port management and the East Coast Railway to find a solution to the problem.

P.V. Vittal,


Postal services

The Director of Postal Services has good reason to be satisfied with all the revenue-building measures. But how is it that the said department could not visualise paying attention to its own `savings' schemes entrusted to its work force on commission basis? This will be definitely user-friendly scheme, as the user need not call an agent to his house for making deposits in the NSCs, MIS, SCSS, term deposits etc.

U. Muralikrishna,


5-year degree

The proposal of the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education to introduce a five-year integrated degree course after Inter, is no doubt beneficial to students as they get two degrees at a stretch. But a student who desires to seek a job after his graduation cannot leave college so easily after three years in the proposed scheme. Also, the final degree awarded after five years should be equated with a Master's degree. I suggest that public opinion be gathered on this innovative course.

G. Mary Hema Prabha,