Repair traffic signals

The traffic signals at Kothapet Fruit Market are left unserviceable even though the junction experiences heavy traffic all the time. The traffic becomes unmanageable even though traffic police are present at the junction. The authorities should take immediate action to make the signals functional and restore the traffic discipline at the junction.

N. Murali Rao,


Hold all by-elections

in one go

The by-elections in seven constituencies in the State are set for this month and about 67 candidates are in the fray. But there are 17 more MLAs who are expelled from the Congress and by-elections have to be conducted in these constituencies too. Rather than conducting elections for seven constituencies now and for 17 constituencies later, the government should conduct by-elections to all 24 seats at a time.

This would save exchequer's money.

K. Mohan,


Frequent polls

a huge loss

During general elections the voters elect their MLA and MP, with a mandate of five years.

The elected representatives waste time on personal allegations rather than discussing the relevant issues.

The government spends public money for by-elections and there are other indirect losses that are incurred by the public.

To prevent this habit, the government should take a decision that by-election will be held only when a sitting member expires.

In all other cases if the sitting member resigns, the next candidate who secured more votes in the general elections should be declared as MLA or Member of Parliament for the remaining period.

H.K. Ramchander,