Escalators at

railway station

While several modifications are being taken up for upgrading the Secunderabad Railway Station, no action for the proposed provision of escalators in this central station has been taken up for months. Escalators are a necessity on all the platforms; especially for the convenience of senior citizens, physically challenged, sick, women and children who are currently forced to climb and descend from one platform to another to catch trains. Authorities concerned in the railway and the ministry may please initiate action in this regard.

N.S.R. Murthy



condition of road

The Manjeera Road connecting Hafeezpet and Lingampally is in a deplorable condition. At many places huge stones are placed on this road, and there is every danger of commuters ramming into them during the night.

The road, up to Chandanagar, does not even have any street lights. Of late, the traffic on this street has increased as residential apartments have sprung up on both sides of this street. Also, there are too many speed breakers being constructed without any check on this road causing much inconvenience to the vehicle drivers.

There should be a check on the purpose of these speed-breakers and also on whether permission of their construction has been granted.

Bulusu Radhakrishnamurty


Digging of road

causing nuisance

In Srinagar Colony, the road surface is constantly being dug up by one department or the other; and invariably the harrowed road is left uncovered. Recently a private telecom company dug up the roads here for more than a fortnight and completely ignored the laying back of the road. It is needless to mention that such is the scenario despite Srinagar Colony being the prime route to connect to the major areas of Punjagutta, Ameerpet or Khairatabad.

V. Vishwanath

Srinagar Colony