Problem of frequent power cuts

There are frequent power cuts in Srinagar Colony and the adjoining areas these days. Residents, particularly children, who are preparing for various examinations are facing a lot of difficulty. This is also causing problems in drawing water from pumpsets. I request the APCPDCL authorities to look into the matter and save us from facing inconvenience.

V. Vishwanath,

Srinagar Colony

Waste being burnt

at public places

Solid waste, both biodegradable and non-biodegradable, is being burnt in public places falling under the jurisdiction of the GHMC, HMDA, and APIIC-IALA. The waste consists of plastic material in substantial quantities. The burning is being done by workers belonging to the above government agencies. Despite repeated appeals by environmentally conscious citizens, there is no change in the situation.

T.V. Prafulla Chandra,

Padmarao Nagar